Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kamping Komfortably in Kaş

By Claire, Kamping Kaş, 20 TL
As I sit here secure inside Homer with a tremendous thunderous storm unleashing its fury—flashes of lightning going off like giant flash bulbs—I realize once again what a great way to travel this is. In fact, just last night I was commenting on how roomy Homer is. We have a dining area, a comfortable sofa, an “upstairs” bedroom and a kitchen. Not to mention a private bath. It seems that at some point along the way, we have completely adjusted to this lifestyle. Everything is pretty organized and we know how to live together in this space. The words, “right behind you” are often used. I highly recommend it.

Hail is now clattering on our roof, the skies have opened and buckets of rain are pouring down as well. 2 inches of rain is predicted just for today. It’s getting dark out, at 9 am, and Homer is rocking around a bit. The thunder is louder than I’ve ever heard and visibility is almost nonexistent. The sea is kicking up white caps and crashing against our dock. I have to say, it is heart stopping! The thunder and lightning seem to be directly over us and it feels like dusk. During lulls in the storm, Chuck rushes to the bathroom or the dishwashing area to take care of business and then rushes back before the next deluge.

Storm 9 am

There is a certain amount of prep work involved with this kind of travel. Chuck used our Turkish/English dictionary yesterday to put together the words to ask directions to town and the nearest market.

For planning purposes we often have the map out in search of where to go next and how to get there.

We plan to stay at this nice campsite for several days or so; possibly a week.

And you know all those food photos? We haven’t shown the other ones. This is a fairly typical quick meal at home.

I have to say, one of the more useful things we brought with us are two super absorbent kitchen towels from Trader Joe’s. They seem to sop up 4 times their volume in water spills and I’ve even used them to squeeze out excess water in hand laundry. Another trick is to wipe down our wet rain jackets and hats to help them dry faster. The towels themselves dry so fast it’s a miracle. Maybe they’re miracle towels!

So here we are, holed up in Homer while nature screams around us. The surf is pounding just below us and we’re wondering if it could possibly reach Homer…..I think it’s time for the sofa and my book.


Pat in Santa Cruz said...

Hunkering down with the storm all around you sounds amazing. One of my favorite things about living in SC is being at home during storms. The roaring sound of the ocean surge and the huge waves are incredible. Thanks for sharing your every day joys. Oh, and going to an earlier post, I loved the woman/rooster/cow photo.

Karin said...

Sounds like Zues is welcoming you! How appropriate that you are "with" Homer! Ha, ha.

Those storms can be really overwhelming! We experienced lightening one time on Paros that blew the lightbulbs out of their sockets! My girlfriend and I stood in the kitchen hanging on to one another! I have grown to love them now! Hang in there! Zues will be chased out by Helios!

We are enjoying Khione's pleasures (Greek Goddess of Snow) at the moment!


Karin from Paros
now in Prague experiencing

Chuck and Claire said...

I will admit to being a total whimp. I was truly frightened at some of the blasts of thunder, wondering if we would be struck by lightning. It's kind of fun but scary too. Fortunately, we've had a sunny day since.

Natasha Yannacañedo said...

Wow sounds so cool! I am jealous.