Friday, January 1, 2010

Monthly Expenses for December

By Chuck and Claire

We had a good month in Turkey! December expenses in Turkey were €1095.97 less than the €2655.33 average of 3 months in Europe. Our daily average in Europe was €87.50, almost twice as much as in Turkey. Or, to put it another way, Turkey cost us 58% of what it cost us to be in the rest of Europe.

Camping, €303.11
Eating Out, €228.10
Groceries, €170.36
Attractions, €220.36
Fuel, €345.88
Other transportation, €160.89
Ferries, €0.00
Hotels, €166.50
Misc., €130.66
Grand Total €1559.36
Daily average: €50.30
In dollars: $2229.88 @ €1.43 to the dollar

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