Saturday, October 3, 2009

Monthly Expenses

By Claire
We really want and need to know how much we’re spending each month. So, Chuck, Grand Poobah of all things Spread Sheet, put together a nice one for me to keep track of all our expenses. We thought you might want to know what it costs to live this lifestyle on a monthly basis. It doesn’t include our airfare or the cost of the camper. But, we will have a complete and all inclusive grand total of everything, including the camper, at the end of the year. So, here it is for the month of September including all that stuff we bought at IKEA.

Camping, €489.54
Eating Out, €251.70
Groceries, €245.87
Attractions, €188.20
Fuel, €171.94
Public transportation, €118.70
Ferries, €162.00
Misc., €1,103.33
Grand Total €2,731.28
For those who just need to know what it is in dollars:

$3960 @ €1.45 to the Dollar

The funny thing is, our goal was to remain under €2,796 per month.

Money and women, the root of all evil. And I’m in there rootin’. ~ Anonymous, as remembered by Chuck from 7th grade.

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