Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reviews of my favorite things

By Claire
I complained earlier about my Micronet Towel being too long and dragging on the ground. Well the large size more than makes up for the fact that it dries in about 10 minutes. I think part of the reason is the large size. It never really gets soaked since the large size covers my body and dries me still leaving dry areas on the towel. Anyway, if you're traveling, or swimming or need a workout towel. This is the one!

I listed these shoes in our pre-trip costs. They have really turned out to be perfect. Completely waterproof, they work for long days on cobblestones, hikes through mud and rock and just walking around with a stable footing. At $130, they're expensive, but I'm so glad I decided to get them. The other neat thing is the way you "lace" them. There really are no laces, just a system of steel wire that tightens up via the dial on the back of the shoe. Need a little tightening?, just give it another twist. Too tight? Pull the dial and snap back in place. These shoes are amazing!

You've probably noticed how fashionable Chuck is in black. It's his Smartwool top. He can wear it for days and days with NO SMELL. It's warm, it breaths, goes with everything, works as a layer or on its own. He loves it. Another fantastic feature is that when hand washed, which is mostly what we're doing, it dries faster than almost anything other than my towel.

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