Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Driving Through Sicily

By Claire
Driving through Sicily is endlessly interesting. The landscape changes dramatically every 10 minutes. One minute it’s lush and tropical and the next it’s rocky and Mediterranean. We’ve seen lots of cacti, seas of greenhouses and even some bunkers from WWII.

Our goal today was to make it to a campground and then go in search of Scala dei Turchi. This is a striking chalk beach that I was determined to find. Susanna would have none of it. She didn’t have it listed under beaches or points of interest or by name. So, I programmed in each town we needed to reach as we went along, searching for road signs. It was quite an adventure, especially when we headed the wrong way down a one way street, the guy coming towards us honking and gesturing wildly, followed by the Polizia. Chuck was able to do a quick 10 point turn and the cops just sped by. I have to say, Chuck is becoming quite the Italian driver. He went through 2 red lights, just following the guy in front. One guy did honk quite angrily. We never saw the side road the stop light was for. We did find the beach eventually but there was no parking on the narrow road. A kilometer or so away, we finally found a place, parked, ate lunch then found a trail and hiked to the beach.

The water was lovely and it was even hot, 80° I found out later. We were sweating climbing back up the steep trail to Homer! Oh how I wanted to strip down and dive into the water.

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