Thursday, November 19, 2009

Swimming with the fishes in Sicily

Camping Rais Gerbi, €16

View from the campsite

By Chuck
We had planned to drive to Cefalù (Shefaloo), today, but by the time we had done our morning prep and walked to the beach we had decided to spend the day in camp and go to the city tomorrow. After our breakfast, we walked down to the beach for the second time, taking our chairs, Kindles, water and swimwear. We finally screwed up our courage and waded into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Claire the Bold went first, while I supervised the operation. After she began reporting on the lovely fish in the crystal clear water, I followed her, stepping gingerly over the large and small rocks that covered the beach even into the water. She was right about the fish; but, I did not immerse completely until I was on my way back to shore.

View from beach chair

We spoke with a British couple who now reside in Southern France when not traveling by caravan around Europe; this is a follow-up to a round-the-world tour a few years back. Their friend, Linda, is a resident of Brittany for part of the year and spends the rest of her time in England.

This was a day of reading, eating, doing laundry and relaxing. After the problem with Homer, yesterday, and the night driving to get here, I wanted to do simply nothing.
We came in from reading at about 4pm; it was becoming cool for us. We feel like such wimps; the Brits and Germans are running around, still, in shorts and T-shirts. I always feel a letdown when I notice the days are becoming shorter; I especially feel it here. The sun sets about 5:15pm and the changes seem quite sudden – both the temperature and the light!

Our outdoor sink

By the way, Cefalù was the charming filming site for Cinema Paradiso. We are on the northern coast of Sicily, about half way between Palermo and Messina. I look forward to providing a report on the visit.

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