Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monthly Expenses for February 2010

By Chuck and Claire

This month included our airfare within Egypt (€541.78) plus private guides and drivers. We put the guides cost into Attractions and the drivers cost and airfare into Other Transportation. We put all tips into miscellaneous.

Camping, €54
Eating Out, €389.17
Groceries, €105.31
Attractions, €1,395.33
Fuel, €108.60
Other transportation, €600.21
Ferries, €0.00
Hotels, €735.52
Misc., €395.05
Grand Total €3,783.19
Daily average: €135.11
In dollars: $5,117.16


Elisabetta said...

I was happy to see (and you must be even happier!!) that the Euro to dollar exchange has grown more favorable...did you use a $1.35 to Euro (instead of $1.49 -- yikes, last year!) formula for calculating this month's total?

Am projecting 12 month trip costs: when Homer has been re-sold, do you think you'll come in for the year under the $60,000. mark? Some months ur tab was low, in the 3Ks.

Can't wait to read ur next two chapters; am babysitting and the natives are all quiet!! E*

Chuck and Claire said...

Hard to know how we'll do. Our month in Egypt really put us over the top but we expected that. Turkey was such an affordable place and we'll have another month or so of lower expenses because of the countries we'll be in up ahead (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland). But, then we head into expensive territory (Prague, Vienna--Switzerland, Germany and worse yet, the UK). It isn't costing us anymore than at home, spread over 12 months, and we have all our expenses there covered.