Friday, March 12, 2010

Moussaka Party

By Claire
I have to say, life is good. We wake to almost perfect weather—same old, same old. Ride our bikes into town, walk the beach, read, visit with other campers. This could become habit forming. While all of us here at Camping Finikes are whiling away our time, Rod and Spiros are busy maintaining the place. I love the truck they use for loading up all the prunings and hauling things around. No doors and no windshield.

This couple sit at a table in the car and sleep in a tent.

We really love Klaus's campervan and fantasize about getting a similar one when we return. His is the latest and greatest "California" model, unavailable in California or the U.S.

As evening fell, a large number of us walked to the campground restaurant where Spiros and his wife were putting on a moussaka dinner. Our table consisted of Katie and Derek, Klaus (I think he likes us even though he could have sat with other Germans here) and new friends, Brian and Pat.

We started with fried zucchini and tzatsiki. The plate was piled with it but, you know how it goes.

Moussaka--the best I've ever had.

Candied fruit--this was very different and quite delicious.

The food, all homemade, including a Greek salad (as good as mine!) was served family style and delicious, of course. Lots of wine, a few Greek coffees, and ouzo. Katie demonstrated lighting the ouzo then clamping her hand over the glass and raising her hand to show how it sticks. Unfortunately, my camera battery quit at that important moment. A good time was had by all.

We may look like we're acting like teenagers but trust me, no one lost their dignity. I can't stand ouzo but, when in Greece. Chuck finished mine for me and talked about the strange things that were going on in his stomach after mixing it with Greek coffee.

The best vitamin for making friends: B1 ~ Unknown


Kim said...

Next time I'll drink your ouzo for you! -Kim

Anonymous said...

Claire wrote... "but no one lost their dignity."

OH MAN!! Switch from ouzo to grandpa's homemade raki, (there's ALWAYS a patriarch with that skill) and I'm betting that by day number three, clothes shall be shed ... or is it still too chilly for that?

Me? I'm dreaming of Matala in August..are you heading to Crete? Ancient caves, wild geology, birthplace of Zeus & the hippie revival. Red Beach, but too many new touristas.. I like those older touristas :-D .. give or take a Greco.

Diane said...

The truck without doors or windshield--a Greek version of a maintenance golf cart! Ouzo is powerful--I once served it in plastic glasses (in the 1970's after having just returned from Greece) and noticed after everyone had left that it had eaten through the plastic. That was a moment . . . Looks like a great group to sing campfire songs with--what fun!

Chuck and Claire said...

We really love this place and know that it will be difficult to leave. But, new adventures await us!