Monday, May 31, 2010

Monthly Expenses May 2010

By Chuck and Claire

We were surprised we did so well this month with expensive Switzerland and London included.

Camping, €703.24
Eating Out, €317.41
Groceries, €255.16
Attractions, €168.14
Fuel, €310.79
Other transportation, €185.97
Ferries, €65
Hotels, €0
Misc., €309.24
Grand Total €2314.95
Daily average: €74.68
In dollars: $2,801.09


Anonymous said...

Homer eats as well as the both of you!!! Sheila

Chuck and Claire said...

Very funny. We are immediately putting Homer on a low octane diet.

Elisabetta said...

Hey but you actually owe Homer that low figure: $0.00 for hotels!