Friday, October 3, 2014

Last Day in France

It's really hard to think about leaving--we're procrastinating about packing--so we decided to spend a nice day in Uzes (ee-oo-zes), 7 km away.  It's such a nice town.  It feels real and most of the people we run into are French.  This is the town with the BIG market.

We strolled around and Chuck couldn't resist stopping for a treat.  As we were walking down the narrow street, Chuck eating his chocolate croissant, a Frenchman walked by, smiled and said, "bon apetite!"

One of the many little streets in the village to help you get lost.

Wishing I could stock up.

Thank you Nanci for reminding me to savor every moment.  I have.

We spent quite awhile walking around looking at various eating venues.  Nothing quite clicked.  Then we turned down a street where we hadn't been and, voila!  Perfect.

We've made some observations along the way.  French people really speak softly.  Restaurants are never loud; we could never overhear what someone at the next table was saying (even if we understood French). They speak so quietly into their phones you wonder how the person at the other end hears them.  Men wear pants of many colors; favorites are red, orange or aqua.  Men do wear scarves; I even saw a man with a suit and tie and still he had a scarf artfully wrapped around his neck.  This is a country where all your senses are pushed into hyper drive.  We will miss it so much.  What a lovely country.


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