Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Roussillon in the Luberon, a region of Provence

We woke to another beautiful day and took off early for a planned trip to this gorgeous village sitting atop Mont Rouge (Red Mountain) at 1,000 feet above sea level.  An enormous deposit of ochre gives the earth and its buildings a distinctive red color.  I've been wanting to see this village for many years.

It was an hour and a half drive so we debated whether it was worth it.  I finally decided it was and Chuck was game so off we went.  But, first there was the red light stopping traffic while construction work is done.  That took about 20 minutes.  Not long after, traffic again came to a halt and after about 10 minutes, Chuck got out to see and it was clear there had been a recent accident.  We sat there for about 30 minutes, finally drove by and saw that 5 vehicles were involved including a truck and a van.  The damage was pretty bad.  On we went.  But, suddenly, driving over the Rhone and cruising alongside the gigantic walls of Avignon, we took a wrong turn and that was it.  Struggling to get back we went down a road and saw a pharmacy.  Chuck needed to fill a prescription and we've been told that Pharmacists are the best people to ask for directions because they generally speak English.  He did and got us on the right track again.

Finally, much later than we expected to arrive, we found the town and a place to park.  We were surprised at how foggy it was.  At least it wasn't cold.

We walked past this nice setup on our way into the village.  I'm sure the view is beautiful when it's clear.

I love this little shop.  Why didn't I bring another suitcase to bring it all home?

Fantastic colors!

It was just about lunch time so after reading several menus, we decided on this place and we were their first customers.  While we were here, we met an American couple who live in Massachusetts who want to come and see us when they come to California in the next month.

Even with the fog, it was nice enough to sit outside.  While we enjoyed our 2 hour lunch, the sun came out.

We started with a "Petite Salade Italiene," delicieux!

Our main course was Chicken Provencal.  Excellent but way too much.

In between courses, a French couple sat down, ending our conversation with the American couple on the other side.  The French couple ordered these fun drinks and the man insisted I taste it so I had to take a picture.

My dessert, white cheese again with almonds and peach sauce.  Not quite up to the caramel one but quite good.

Chuck ordered Tiramisu.  He said it was great with lots of creme fraiche.

After lunch and a stroll through more of the village, we walked to this trail with great anticipation.  It more than exceeded our expectations.  It felt like we were in the American South West.  We were lucky that there had been rain.  The trails were not powdery and therefore kept the tops of our shoes and our pants ocher free.



What a great day, as it turned out.  We were home by 4:30 but it was a lot of driving.  Fortunately, the way home was without mishap.


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