Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crossing Things Off The List

By Claire
With 25 days to go, we received the good news that we will be able to get a year's supply of our prescription meds. This is really a relief. It never made any sense to us why we couldn't get a year; I mean what were we going to do? Sell them on street corners? OD on Cholesterol medication? This means one more thing on the our list can be marked DONE.

The house is getting closer to being ready for our renters and we have a "date" to clean out and organize the garage tomorrow. All the clothes I'm not taking are up in the attic and I know Chuck will get to his eventually....

The great thing about all this spring cleaning is that we'll be coming home to it. Hmmmm, maybe I'll leave most of our stuff up in the attic.

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