Sunday, August 30, 2009

Packing Part Deux

By Claire
Well, we have actually done it. Packed our bags! We managed to cram every last item into each bag and we are finally, really, ready to go!

The Davis Airporter will be picking us up at 4:25 am; that's in about 6 hours. We're hoping to get a few hours of sleep, but who cares? We're almost there!

Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.
~Dr. Seuss


Napamick said...

We're green with envy. Not an attractive skin color unless you're a frog, but what the hell.

We wish you a wonderful journey. We'll be with you in spirit, reading your blog all the way.

And, we hope we'll be with you in body when you're in the UK.

Much love,
Mick & Kathy

Paul King said...

I'm completely excited for you both. BRAVO!
You both are awesome. Safe travels across the pond.

Arianna said...

Oh the places you'll go! Bon Voyage!

matbergman said...

Hope you had a smooth landing. Can't wait for the first post from overseas!

Chuck and Claire said...

Thanks to you all. We are sitting in a "coffee shop" with good rap music, getting high off the second hand smoke and taking advantage of the free wifi (pronounced wee fee). We would gladly partake but are already dazed and confused.