Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exhaustion Setting In

By Claire
I've been feeling lots of emotions lately (just ask Chuck). They range from sadness about leaving everyone for a year, to moments of pure joy just imagining us over there and living our life, to lots of stress getting ready, and pure rage when my computer doesn't do what I want it to do.

We have lots of lists and we're really trying to stay organized but sometimes our brains are on autopilot and we can't remember if we did something, or if we did, what we did with it. I've somehow managed to pack essential items away so now I'm spending my time retrieving boxes and scrounging around in them trying to find these essential items.

The house is a mess, even with empty closets and drawers, and there are boxes everywhere with more essential items. Some to go with us, some to be stored, some to be packed at the last minute, some for our checked luggage and some for our carry on luggage. I've even done a practice packing exercise and decided not to completely unpack so now I have luggage in one of those empty closets, half packed--I mean, why take everything out just to do it all over again? It's all going to be wrinkled anyway.

I couldn't find my hat for my walk this morning and that's when it hit me...I am completely exhausted. We need to have all this done and behind us and be on that plane so we can catch up on some sleep :-)
...Oh, the hat was in the half-packed luggage.

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