Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Walk in the Village

It mostly rained yesterday with some really fantastic, booming thunder and lightning.  In fact, as directed in our instructions for the house, we disconnected the internet for a few hours.  It was quiet all night.  This morning was gray and it hasn't rained--in fact, it's warm out--but thunderstorms are predicted.  The next 4 days are forecast to be sunny and warm.  However, Montpellier, where we are catching our Air France flight home, is flooding.  We're hoping it drains off somewhere before we have to leave.  Also, we were mildly sweating the pilot strike which was resolved yesterday.  It wouldn't be too terrible to be trapped in the South of France.

We spent all day yesterday reading so today I really needed to get out.  I decided on a walk around Sanilhac-Sagries.

This is a typical little chemin, or path, in the village.

This is a photo from the owners' website and it is exactly what our house looks like.  The two front windows on the left are the living room and dining room.  The window to the right of the front door is the kitchen.

You won't be able to break in through this window.  We see these everywhere.  So much nicer than the iron bars.

This is downtown, 2 blocks from our front door.

This is just opposite the Boulangerie with the day's crowd gathered by the Mairie (town hall).

Yep, it's a really relaxed place.

Our cute little wheels that get us around.


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