Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinan, Brittany

September 26
Bright, sunny day
By Claire
Woke up to find it was 49° inside Homer. Brrrrr! Fortunately, we have both a gas and an electric heater. We tried the gas heater for the first time. After a few tries, we finally figured it out and it roared to life. It warms up quickly and stays hot. We were toasty soon enough and hot showers felt great. It’s interesting bathing and using the WC in unisex quarters. I don’t even notice anymore. I love the piped in French radio station, even if I can’t understand it except for the occasional English word or phrase or the theme song, ♫Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days!♫ from the old Ron Howard TV show.

We decided to take advantage of our little car and head to Dinan, a perfectly preserved, untouched by World War II bombs, medieval city. We really loved it and had a full day. Here is a photo tour:

Dinan Port

Chateau de Dinan

Anybody's Tomb--place your face here. These were made up in advance during the 100 years' war because people were dying so fast.

Leaning House. Taxes were based on the first floor square footage. Many built up and out, roofs almost touching.

Beautiful produce

Steep Rue du Jerzual

Custom made in Paris! Each house has it's own septic tank cover right outside their front door

Beautiful setting--a typical house in Dinan

We loved these private gardens, viewed from the ramparts. Eat your heart out Village Homes, Davis!

We drove over this viaduct from 1850

During our self-guided walk through the town thanks once again to Rick Steves, I stopped at a few “Coiffure Femmes and Hommes” to see about a much needed haircut. Two wanted me to come back in several hours and one could take me in 10 minutes. We talked about price and services and what started at €35 for a wash, cut and dry with mousse somehow ended up being €25 for a wash, cut and dry with mousse even though I didn’t want the mousse.


Washing Station

Somehow I always end up with a “Bubble” from the sixties. Whatever that mousse was she used, it was like concrete. I couldn’t wait to wash my hair. But, the cut was great, the photos I supplied showing a recent cut were a big help and she referred to them often. Plus, it was a new, fun experience.

Off with a new do, we took the scenic drive home the long way stopping at Dunes de Chevets:

Imagine living here!

We took Rick Steves’ advice again and stopped at Pointe du Grouin, a gorgeous place very reminiscent of Pt. Reyes, particularly Tomales Point:

Pointe du Grouin

Chuck on the rocks, Pointe de Grouin

By now it was 3:30 and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast so we stopped at Bar/Restaurant Les Chevets and had the famous cider and a couple of Margharita pizzas.

Restaurant les Chevets

Hard Cider

Drove home, tired but relaxed, talking about what a perfect day it was. I think I’ve completely switched over to relaxed mode. I am completely with the program and enjoy the spontaneity and surprises along the way.

Camping, €13
Bag.&Crois., €2.70
Parking, €1.80
Haircut, €25
Pizza & Cider, €20

Total: €62.50


Toni said...

I loved every picture and every description in this post. Several ocean shots remind me of Highway 1 in California.

Chuck and Claire said...

Thanks for your comments! You're right, it is very reminiscent of Highway 1. We are lucky to live in California.