Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marais Walk--From Bastille to Pompidou

September 16, overcast but comfortable
By Claire
We split up today—Chuck to the Louvre and whatever else he could fit in, and me to do a walk through the Marais and then to the Pompidou Center.

I was a little nervous about it; after all, we’re all alone here with no phones and no way to reach each other if something happens. However, it worked out for me but that’s because I made it home! Chuck is still no where to be seen. He’ll have to write about his own day.

I really love walking through Paris and this neighborhood is one of my favorites. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Courtyard off Hotel Scully

Place des Voges with wifi—who knew?

Knife Sharpener

Men's Pointy Shoes

Smart car parked smartly

High End Store with lit candles, drinks and food

Kosher boulangerie

Pompidou Center

What a mix of things to see! I even stopped at the free Victor Hugo museum but that was mostly to use their nice bathroom. Which begs the question, what do all the mom’s do when their kids need a toilet? There were loads of kids in the park today and not a toilet in site. I must say, Rick Steves came through again with his walking tour of The Marais in his Paris book that I had loaded onto my Kindle.

The Pompidou was interesting—mostly disturbing feminist art today.
On a different note, we spent last evening with our wonderful campsite neighbors, Hans and Nel, sitting by the river talking and enjoying some wine.

Relaxing with Hans and Nel

Our view

Sunset at our campsite

Expenses for two days:

Camping, €31.84
RER/Metro €14.80
Baguette, €.95
2 Croissants, €2
Espresso & Coke, €3.20
La Cappuccino Frappe, €1.95
Baguette, éclair and choc. Croissant, €4.65
Groceries, €16.50
Museum pass, €60

Total: €135.85


Toni said...

I love your campsite on the Seine. What a treat! The Marais was my favorite neighborhood in Paris. I loved the small shops -- a throwback to an earlier time. We bought a blouse for our daughter at a tiny shop that just sold white blouses. I wondered how they'd stay in business here. We also loved to sit in the Place des Voges and watch kids playing and lovers cuddling.

I'm loving taking this trip with you.


Diane said...

I can't imagine any of our men (Chuck, David, Tai, Tom . . . ) wearing those pointy shoes! Did you see any men wearing these? They would be totally suspect in my mind, but maybe the French Prez does. I'm proud of you both for venturing out on your own. We have become so anxious if we are not a cell phone call away. Looking forward to Chuck's version of his day on his own. D

Pat in Santa Cruz said...

I am hoping that Chuck arrived safely home and you enjoyed sharing your solo experiences. The photos you two are posting are just wonderful. I thought your first campsite was amazing but this is incredible. Love the "smart car" parking. Oh, and McDonald's on the Champs-Elysees...that was a shock. It was there in '06 but somehow I had blocked it out. However, providing wifi puts it in a new light :-)
'til next time,

Chuck and Claire said...

Chuck did arrive home safely and had a great time on his day to himself. He'll get to a posting eventually.

Thanks for the nice feedback.

Chuck and Claire said...

Hi Toni

We have done most of our people watching on the fly, so far. Today we arrived in the Normandy region and are currently enjoying free wifi access - a distinct pleasure after struggling to gain access for the last week or so. We plan on a down day or so here, before taking in some WWII sights.


Chuck and Claire said...

Yes, we saw pointy shoes on many of the better dressed men which seems to be all of them. Venturing on our own was a little scary but I think it will be important to do this as we go along. Now that we've survived it, I'll feel more confident the next time.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel