Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Spending!

By Claire
As Chuck mentioned, we found a super store and bought some of the last things we think we need. I’ve been coveting a standing drying rack for awhile. You can move it around with the sun and it just looks easier to use than a clothes line. I found exactly what I wanted and that is now crammed into the bathroom/storage area. We also found a really great bike basket which includes a bag with handles that fits perfectly inside for carrying with you. Chuck will install that on my bike in one of his free moments. The other necessity for me is a hair dryer. I was searching for one that was 500 watts or less because that’s what Richard recommended so I wouldn’t blow out the electricity in the entire campground. We couldn’t find anything less that 1500 watts anywhere. I finally realized that all the campground bathrooms have electrical plugs so I can just dry my hair in there. I just used my new 1600 watt Babyliss and love it. Light, 3 settings, diffuser, who could ask for anything more at €14.99?

All this and some other items (the plastic containers to contain the tall items in the pantry—olive oil, vinegar, etc.) and the washing tub, came to €75.47. We have to stop! Besides the money, where does all this stuff go? I can’t believe how much stuff we’ve pulled into this place but somehow, it’s all working and we’re really appreciating how we’ve set up Homer.

New running total: €26,513.98


Kelly in West Sac said...

First, I'm so bummed that we're already done with Belgium. Will we be back?

Second, I love the shopping expeditions. I love gadgets! No desire to live in an RV, but I love to shop for all the stuff that makes RV living better. What's fun about your shopping is that you have the one-year picture in mind; it's not like you can haul all of your purchases back to the U.S. So instead of buying the "hydro-sonic super washer 7000" and justifying the outrageous cost by talking about how it will last forever, you buy the bucket with a lid. That's great!

Chuck and Claire said...

Glad you're enjoying it. We bought the turbo 100 model.
Claire and Chuck