Saturday, September 19, 2009


Beautiful, sunny skies
Camping les Peupliers, €15 with ASCI discount
By Claire
Our campsite appears to be in sun all day which we are enjoying immensely. Across from us are 4 men playing Pétanque, a form of Boules and similar to Bocce Ball. Next door, two French couples having been working since we arrived at 10 am to complete the deconstruction of their site. They have all the add-ons of the perfect European campsite: extra plastic room, outdoor flooring, additional refrigerator, desk, dresser, large dining table and chairs and much more. They also have a large 4-wheeled cart attached to one of their cars to load all these things home. It’s quite a process. I hope they were here for the summer.

We are really enjoying this campground. The owners are extremely nice and welcoming. The bathrooms are clean and well appointed with plenty of hooks and plugs. The beach is close by bicycle and baguettes are delivered by 8 am each morning. All this for €15 per night. I can’t say enough about ASCI. All their campgrounds are inspected and rated and all have GPS coordinates so we can actually find the place! It all works well and we’re really relaxing in our new neighborhood.

Campground Pool

We enjoyed a perfect bike ride to the beach today, even if we did get lost along the way. We stopped at a very old cemetery and church then wound our way down a “tranquille” road with no traffic. Finally ended up in Merville, a little beach town where we locked our bikes then walked the beach. We bought ice cream cones and sat on a bench overlooking the water before we left.

This one's for you Merlyn

Walking along dunes


Can they get any tinier?

Tonight we enjoyed Four Fromage Ravioli with Sauce Normandy and a nice bottle of 2 Buck Chateau—aka, Chateau les Pins from the Languedoc area of Provence for €1.85. Terrific!

Time to retire to our front yard again for cookies: Palmiers Feuilletes. Here’s the view from our front yard:

We even have a fitness center

This bike works by bouncing up and down to propel the wheels in a forward motion. Never seen one before.

Camping €15
Toll, €2.60
Ice Cream, €5.40

Total: €23.00

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