Sunday, September 27, 2009

St. Malo

Fog then another spectacular day of sunshine
Camping St. Michel
By Claire
Today we decided to take advantage, once again, of the gorgeous weather. It’s foggy and cold in the mornings but quickly burns off to glorious sunshine and temps in the seventies with a light breeze. We couldn’t have ordered it up better. We drove to St. Malo, a walled city right on the coast in Brittany. Our campground is located in Normandy and right on the border with Brittany. Along the way we saw three French deer (you can tell by how elegantly they leap) and multiple cobwebs on the farm fences glistening with dew.

Chuck was in heaven walking along the ramparts. The views were spectacular and we had a wonderful picnic on a stone bench up on the walls. What a great day. It even ended with Chuck’s favorite thing: dessert! We each had an ice cream and then we found a Ker-y-pom, traditional Breton shortbread biscuits with butter, honey, and an apple-pie filling. Yum.

We walked across the sand to this "island". Wouldn't want to get caught during high tide.

View from the ramparts

Beach view

Swimming pool in the ocean with diving platform and bars to pull yourself out

Pylons used to gather mussels


We've had fun with road signs. Many we just don't understand. One shows a car in a red circle with a line through it on the road we're driving on! We thought this one was great. I guess it's OK to go swimming in your car.

Camping, €13
Bag. & Crois., €2.70
Gazole, €30.41

Total: €46.11

Kilometers are shorter than miles. Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers. ~ George Carlin


Pat in Santa Cruz said...

So much to take in! You have encountered such beauty. Those ocean shots are amazing. Enjoyed the hair styling adventure. Oh, and I think I saw my favorite cookie - LU Petit Ecolier. I found a webcam of Mt. St. Michel. Glad your car is working out so well. Hope things go well with Homer's repair.

Chuck and Claire said...

I thought of you when we were taking in the sounds and smells I love so much at the ocean. Sea gulls must be universal. We've been so lucky with the weather.

Rich said...

Sorry about the camper transmission, but very happy you were able to rise above it. Sounds like a great place to spend time with wonderful history and sites.

We are at PG this week so I can identify with the morning fog and then clearing.

Chuck and Claire said...

Yes, the fog is a constant; but, we are finding we like it here and are enjoying our day trips. Enjoy PG.