Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miscellany Part Deux

By Chuck

I forgot two of the coolest sights along the way from Arnhem to Brugge: first, there was the “scarecrow” indicating the narrowing of the highway along the construction area; it was an electrical arm that lifted rhythmically – but, it had the top of a workman’s jacket covering it; so, it looked like a man waving you away from the construction. Next, there was the billboard with a kid on the back of a bike giving the raspberry to passing cars. We have no idea of the verbal content. Sorry, no pictures of either; we were caught off guard each time.

Our first jaunt this morning was to the village of Damme - a mere 5 kilometers from the moat around Brugge.

Beautiful Untouristed Downtown Damme
Tonight we realized we were about the leave the world’s premier bier country and had only had one glass of blond bier on the brewery tour, yesterday. So, we asked the camp receptionist where we could walk to get a bottle of bier. Five minutes later we were in the largest supermarket we have seen on the trip. Seventy-five Euros and one hour later we emerged with: A six-pack of Trappist Monk 6.6% beer – they apparently figured that exchanging vows of chastity for a quality brew was a good deal; a hair dryer; a clothes drying rack; a washing tub for clothes (with top) – this is our automatic washer while we drive; a deluxe front basket with two levels of carry basket – one soft, the other (outer) is metal; two more organizers – to keep things from falling over on the shelves while I drive – I am not the smoothest driver in the land, as Claire’s white knuckles will attest; and some groceries.

For connoisseurs of beer, I would point out that it is possible to go as high as 14% alcohol in the beer in this country. We thought we’d pass, as we have to get up early to drive to Paris, tomorrow.

A Doorway Made for Claire

In parting, I want to share a picture taken on the way from Damme to Brugge.

Byke on Dike

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Diane said...

Chuck--I think you have a new career as a hilarious, witty blogger! The photo of Brugge reminded me of the movie In Brugge without the mayhem. Yikes--Paris next? I can't wait for the next chapter. Drive carefully!!! love, Diane