Friday, September 25, 2009

Still in Courtils

Camping St. Michel, Sunny and warm
By Claire
We're still here in the tiny village of Courtils at Camping St. Michel. If you have to be stuck, make it a great place like this. It's probably the best campground we've been in yet. The owners are very friendly and helpful, the surroundings are beautiful, the amenities are great and we get our baguettes and croissants fresh every morning! Did I say we're having a wonderful time? Our dinner of Mussels and Fries was so much fun. Maybe the bottle of wine helped. We stumbled home in the dark--lesson learned: always bring a flashlight! Slept in until 9:30 this morning! A first for both of us. I guess we're relaxed.

I'm reading I'll Never Be French by Mark Greenside right now. It's a riot. Much like "A Year in Provence". Chuck is reading it too, which makes it even more fun. He's a little behind me so fairly often there is an echo effect of his laughter following mine.

Chuck is looking into rental cars at this moment. The weather is great, we're both healthy, life is good. We just can't let this situation get us down. We found out by email from Rene at BW that the transmission should arrive on Tuesday. However, to quote him: I’d take that statement with a grain (kilo?) of salt!

So, life goes on. I'm overhearing the conversation between Chuck and the French campground owner, Jérome, regarding the rental car. We really could not do this without his help. He is making the calls, doing the negotiating and setting it up for us. Now he's booking a car, a small Peugeot, diesel, and a very good deal. He is now ordering the taxi to pick us up at 2 pm (they are closed for 2 hours for lunch--of course!). Now we can stop at the Carrefour supermarket, restock the pantry and fridge and tomorrow we will head for St. Malo. Hooray!

Oh, I thought you might like to see the kinds of books and resources we have around us at all times:

Au Revoir for now!

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