Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Good Day in Uzes

We are staying in a tiny village of 834 souls, Sanilhac-Sagries, about 7 km. from Uzes, a much more bustling town with lots of restaurants and shops.  The weather has corrected itself to sunshine and after a very leisurely morning, we decided we would try for that lunch again in Uzes.  We found the place fairly easily on foot once we figured out parking, and now understand why Suzette could not get us there by car--the restaurant is in a traffic free town square.  That's Chuck in the bottom left and the couple to his right are from Austria.  She inspired us in our dessert choice.

The restaurant had a Spanish feel to it so we ordered Sangria.  Strong and delicious.  The waitress was surprised when I said no to ordering some Tapas, which worried me that my salad choice would be too small.

Chuck ordered the Carpaccio of Boeuf (raw beef) with mushrooms and shaved Parmesan.  He loved it.

I chose the Tabouleh, hummus, and marinated pepper and tomato salad.  Perfect and very filling.  Definitely no need for Tapas.

Such a fun place to people watch through the filtered sunlight.  I noticed that they have a supply of newspapers and hats for their guests.

And the grande finale, Tiramisu.  We both felt that it was the best we've ever had.  But, we often feel that way about Tiramisu.  This shot is after a few bites so you can see the inside.  It was lighter than air.

It turned out to be such a nice day.  A big improvement over yesterday.  I was also having email problems, or more correctly, Google problems.  Google seems to have suddenly realized I was in France and felt that my account had been compromised.  It took lots of patience and time to get it all sorted out and Chuck was the hero of the day.  Now we are relaxing--just finished some napping and reading in our very private back yard.  Time to do some planning for tomorrow and maybe the next day...

We managed to find another extremely quiet place for our final stay in France, with a boulangerie only 2 blocks away (Chuck still managed to get lost coming back with breakfast this morning--we are surrounded by narrow, winding streets).

We are so pleased with our living situation!   This is a dream backyard.


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