Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Frustrated in France

The day started out well even though it was raining.  We checked out of our lovely apartment and were on the road by 9:15.  The drive wasn't bad until we reached the smallish village of Uzes, the closest place to our new digs.  I had picked out a restaurant with the plan that we would arrive at lunchtime, eat and relax, go grocery shopping, then call Mme. Vaquez, the property manager, who would meet us at the house.  However, traffic was horrible, bumper to bumper tiny cars in the rain and Suzette, our GPS, took us in a complete circle around the town only to began again.  We decided to get out--there was no parking--and just find a grocery store for lunch, dinner and breakfast things.  We managed to find a tiny store that was just closing.  They were very nice about staying open until we found what we wanted. Have you tried doing that quickly in a place you've never been?

Back in the car, we tried to call Mme. Vasquez.  And tried again and again.  All we got was a recording in French.  Over and over again.  It occurred to us that we didn't have a strong enough signal.  So, we decided to find the house and see if we could find a person who could help us.  We stopped a woman on the street walking her dog, but she spoke not a word of English.  We both laughed and I got back into the car. 

Amazingly, we did manage to find the house even though it doesn't really have an address, just a street name.  We parked and started walking, hoping to find someone.  After a few blocks we came to a bolangerie/patisserie and finally got some help from a French couple who dialed the number on their phone and soon I had Mme. Vasquez on the phone.  She said she would see us in 10 minutes.  We were starving so we bought a couple of cookies and walked back.

She was great, speaks fluent English, and we have put our groceries away, done a load of laundry, had lunch and are now relaxing.  Weather is supposed to be dry and sunny for the rest of our time here.  It's a lovely place, quite large with 2 bedrooms, a big kitchen, comfortable living room, dining room and a loggia off the master bedroom where we can watch the sunset.

Dining room/Living Room

Complete kitchen with normal size fridge and freezer, dishwasher and everything we could need for cooking.

Our bedroom.  It even has screens on the windows, a blessing.  Every other place we have stayed, except in the Loire Valley, did not have screens.  The common denominator?  Both places are owned by Americans.

The Loggia--a good place to watch the sunsets.  Speaking of which, the sun is out!


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