Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Walk Through the Latin Quarter

Today we decided to walk.  We're really not that far from St. Chapelle and Notre Dame and it's another beautiful day; 74 with a tiny breeze.  I'm glad I left my coat at the apartment.

We started with St. Chapelle and were pleasantly surprised that the line wasn't very long and it didn't feel crowded at all.  It's gorgeous and we enjoyed wandering around and soaking it up.

St. Chapelle second floor

We strolled on over to Notre Dame but the crowds were intense.  Maybe because it's Saturday.  Maybe because we had a leisurely morning and didn't leave until almost 10.  Whatever, we made a quick decision to move on when we saw the line.  We've both been before so it wasn't the end of the world but disappointing.

I think this lovers padlock thing has gone too far.  Now they even sell the padlocks in the green stalls along the left bank.  I guess the ceremony of putting your initials on a padlock and locking it onto a gate FOREVER, proves your love.  Talk about commitment!

We really enjoyed wandering around the Latin Quarter.  It has a similar feel to Les Marais but seems more bustling.  Maybe because it's Saturday and the weather is perfect?

I know this trip can be done without technology but I'm not sure how anymore.  We are using an iPad plus both our phones.  The strange thing is that even though I have my phone completely turned off and it even says, "No Service", the route I put into Google maps still has the bouncing ball showing our progress as we walk along.  It's great for figuring out where we are but how do they do that?  Google must just live in my phone at all times.

We strolled around this area, taking in the sights and the people, all out enjoying their day. We decided on a picnic, spontaneously, when I saw a "special promotion" at a small grocery store:  sandwich, chips or yogurt, and drink for 5 Euros.  Easy and quick, we grabbed what we wanted and headed to the Luxembourg Garden, created in 1612.  This 57 acre park has everything, including a circular basin for sailing model boats, chairs to relax in, tree-lined promenades, flower beds, a palace and much more.

This is the model for our Statue of Liberty on display in the garden.

These children were so cute riding their ponies.

Our view spot for lunch.  Nice palace.

We came across tennis courts, joggers, children's play areas and even toilettes!  I was so glad I had my 50 cent Euro coin to pay the woman for its use.

Heading home, I was struck by how many Smart Cars we have seen and yet only one Prius.  I guess it's all about size when it comes to parking.

We added up our mileage based on our route via Google and it came to 5 miles.  We covered a lot of ground.

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