Thursday, September 18, 2014

Port de Gagnac to Loubressac, 18.5 km, 6 hrs., Day 3

Today's walk was longer and more strenuous with lots of ascents but it took us into two medieval fortified villages.  Thunderstorms were expected so we left as early as possible to take advantage of the cool air and to avoid the rain.  It was gorgeous and cloudy but before long, the humidity crept up and we were really feeling it.

On our way to one fortified village, we walked by this huge, modern home in the middle of the countryside and noticed the guy napping at his table while the dog was drinking out of the pool.  Love the cow too.  Such a contrast from everything else in the area. We really wished we could dive into that pool.

Chateau de Castelnau.  We walked around it and decided to have our picnic here.

Way too much food but good.  I really liked the squeeze container of apple compote.  What an easy way to eat applesauce.

Revived with lunch and a rest, we continued on, still hopeful that we would out walk the rain.  Soon, we came upon our second chateau, high up on the hill in the village of Loubressac, our destination.

Later on, the sky turned dark and it was quite muggy but we only had a few drops and some mist.

Chuck, making his way up to the village. 


We met up again with some people we met on our first night.  They are also doing a walk with Inn Travel but a slightly different route.

First I need to mention the place settings for dinner.  Tonight was another 4 course meal and with every course, different cutlery is brought.  Chuck's starter was a fish turrine and you can see the fish knife on the right.

My starter was courgette soup or zucchini.  Not worth a photo but delicious.  The server just kept filling my bowl--I guess he was waiting for me to say Merci.

My main course was pork filets with cauliflower and layered potatoes with some kind of cheese.  The tomato on top was surprisingly delicious.  I can't quite figure out what the flavor was but it might have been tarragon.  All good. 

Chuck's main course was Canard Confit, duck preserved in duck fat.  I had it once and that was enough but he really enjoyed it, although he did say it was a bit oily.  Same potatoes and tomato and cauliflower.

I love that the plates change as well as the cutlery.

Our cheese board was next.  A cloth covered table was wheeled over to us and then the cloth was pulled back to reveal all the choices.  I asked our server to choose for me.

The one in the back, triangular shaped with the rind around it and fairly firm was my favorite.  I asked the server to type the name into my notes on my iPhone so I can find it again.  It was Saint Nectaire.  The people we have talked with were at the table behind us and everyone was curious about what was going on at our table--it took the server and the woman in charge to figure out from my last bite, which cheese it was.  It was quite amusing.  She typed it in for me and I shared it with the people behind us (there are 4 of them).  They made sure to try that one too and loved it. 

Chuck's selection was completely different and he managed to eat every bite plus some of mine.  This was a really fun experience.

Our dessert was Pear Cake.  Subtle and delicious with a custard sauce surrounding it.  What can I say?  I've died and gone to heaven.


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