Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We're Back in France

Our flight was delayed in Atlanta due to a lightning strike--fortunately not while we were on it.  They had to get a mechanic, who found a hole, and then the decision was made to find another plane in the hangar.  So, instead of leaving at 11:30 pm, we left at 1:30 am.  But, we made it!  We even slept.

Our apartment is perfect and we love the neighborhood.  This is down the block where we had dinner.  The weather is warm, about 75, and we're in Paris!  The metro is 2 short blocks away and there are shops and eateries everywhere.

We even have a shoe store next door!  We have scoured the neighborhood and even did some grocery shopping.  Fun and challenging but it's all coming back.  I did forget and said "si" rather than "oui" but everyone has been quite helpful and friendly.

Time for a good night's sleep then off to see it all starting tomorrow.
Claire & Chuck

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