Friday, September 26, 2014

Pont du Gard

We were last here five years ago during La Mistral, a strong, cold wind that blows from southern France with sustained winds often exceeding forty kilometers an hour and sometimes reaching over 100 kilometers an hour.  This time we had almost perfect weather with the normal breeziness common to this area.

We spent 5-1/2 hours here today and are so glad we came back.  There is a state of the art museum, a wonderful film and nice paths leading to the bridge.

We brought our backpacks and a picnic and spotted our place from the bridge--it's the second outcropping of rocks.  Thankfully we had our self-inflating seat cushions to sit on.  What a spot with a perfect view of the bridge.

I packed a ziplock bag full of ice and put the salami and cheese (3 kinds) on either side of it.  Everything stayed cold.  What a great lunch.

After our picnic, we hiked high up above the bridge, got lost, hiked around some more, then worked our way down the other side where we walked through a tunnel and back.  There are quite a few trails with no markings, just forks in the road.  Our best guess wasn't always the best but we made it back

I was so impressed with this monumental site in 2009 that I had to see it again. We did not even know about the museum last time. We spent hours today in the museum learning about the construction of the site, then moved on to the bridge. Along the way we ran into two separate couples with whom we shared travel notes--one from Texas, USA, and one from Kent, England. We also worried a little about the drone flying over the bridge, although we have absolutely nothing, nothing at all, to hide. We rewarded ourselves at the end with a double scoop of glaces and happily headed home for rest and reading.

So here's what we eat when we're at home:  soup, bread and wine.  Life is good.


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