Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dinner in Bourre

It's our last night in The Loire and we made sure we had eaten all our groceries--it was definitely a night to go out.  We chose, with the help of Karen and Craig, Les 2 Caves in Bourre, a tiny village 7 km away.  Karen made the reservations for 7:30 and we were off.  What a lovely choice.  We were given an aperitif, on the house and ordered a pitcher of red wine.

 My Salade de Champignons--fantastic!

Chuck's Salade d'Ecrevisses (shrimp and crayfish)--incredible.

The restaurant is built into a cave and though we studied the menu beforehand online and used my Google translator for some of the menu choices, it was helpful that the waiter spoke a little English.

Believe it or not, this is hamburger, but Craig insisted that the French do this very well and it is very lean.  I'm pretty sure that is a pat of butter on top and all I can say is, it was mouth watering delicious.  That mushroom was stuffed with something and the tomato was grilled with herbs on top.

Chuck ordered the Duck, rare.  I had a bite and it was gorgeous.  Those little round things that look like macaroons are potatoes.
We both ordered the chocolate fondant.  A heart shaped cake with runny chocolate and whipped cream.  We were very satisfied.

It will be hard to leave tomorrow.  We have so enjoyed our stay here and the weather and amenities could not have been better.  Karen and Craig showed us "before" pictures of their place, a former barn, and our cottage, when it was just a pile of stones.  She made all the curtains and decorated it in such a cute French style.  We will miss it terribly.  But, the adventure continues...


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