Friday, September 12, 2014

Shopping and a Chateau

Today we decided to buy what we needed for lunch at a local farmer's market in Montrichard, just down the road.  It was fun to see all the cheeses and fruits and fish and bread and flowers.  We had a hankering for some salami and strawberries so that's what we chose.  From there we strolled through this cute little town for awhile.

This house from the 11th century is the oldest and only one spared by the fire that destroyed the whole town when Philippe Auguste drove the Plantagenets away.  It is said that Templars used it as a store house.  In the 16th century protestants met here to listen to their preachers.

We took our time in Montrichard because Craig, our host, suggested arriving at Chateau de Chenonceau at lunch time when everyone is eating.  Not everyone was eating.  This is a very popular place to visit and although not a mob scene, it was crowded.  What a gorgeous place and no wonder so many people want to see it.  We opted for the audio iPods and that worked out quite well.  We spent almost 2 hours here.

This is the original tower.  The top was changed to match the chateau.

Back home with our luscious lunch.


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